Matcha is fine green tea powder made from shade-grown tea bush leaves. From East Asia, it is a concentrated green tea possessing its same antioxidant properties but multiplied. Caffeine too is more concentrated which Japanese Zen monks over centuries have used to stimulate alertness. Surprisingly, Theanine, a main constituent, has a simultaneous effect of relaxation. Therefore, Matcha provides a less jittery boost of energy than coffee with no crash at the end.

  • Cleanse beginner 2021


    50,00  This 2-day cleanse is ideal for first timers seeking a nutritious drink with their meal. It contains a mix of our bestselling juices, shots and nutmylks.SHOP NOW
  • Cleanse intermediate 2021


    50,00  This 2-day cleanse suits those searching for a wider variety of nutrients. It contains a mix of juices and shots, to accompany light meals or as snacks.SHOP NOW
  • Cleanse Advanced 2021


    50,00  Our Advanced 2-day detox is the lowest in calories and designed for weight loss and brain health offering the deepest cleanse for body and soul.SHOP NOW
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