23 kcal
60 ml
Ginger Shot

Increases your immunity and metabolism (natural fat burner). Aids digestion and provides liver protection.

Pure Celery
Lemon squeeze

The MOCO Promise

100% Natural
raw food
No added sugar
Vegan friendly, dairy/gluten free
Antiviral properties
Low in calories
high in antioxidants

What's inside?

Ginger ‘Zingiber officinale’ is originally from Southeast Asia. Its root or rhizome has been used since ancient times and Confucius was said to eat ginger with every meal. Ginger can be juiced, dried & powered, cooked, candied, pickled or eaten raw. This ‘healing spice’ is a key ingredient in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Ayurveda and indicated to treat many ailments from digestive issues to cold and flu. Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and potent anti-viral properties areas signed to it, making it a perfect immunity booster and liver protector.
The ‘Citrus limon’ is the yellow fruit of the small evergreen lemon tree ( Rutaceae family). Its exact origin is unknown but cultivation began in Italy in the 15th century. All parts of the fruit are utilized. The juice is sour (PH 2.2), however, fully digested it turns alkaline (PH 7) - reducing acidity, pain & inflammation in the body while flushing out toxins as well. Rich in vitamin C it also helps with the absorption of iron & sustains immunity.
The fruit of the large apple tree (Malus domestica) which has its origin in Central Asia. Apples have been cultivated for ages. All parts of the fruit are nutritious and its health benefits are numerous. Rich in antioxidants/polyphenol protecting the heart and airways (anti-Asthma.) Feeds good bacteria in the gut. Apple pectin, a soluble fiber, cleanses the blood and has a laxative effect.
Cayenne pepper, originally from French Guiana, is a variety of ‘Capsicum Annuum’. The small, curved, red peppers are ‘hot’ in taste, an ingredient in spicy dishes and to many the King of Herbal Medicine. The active ingredient in cayenne peppers is Capsaicin, of high medicinal value, it is known to boost the metabolism.


What is your production process?

1) Produce is handpicked, directly sourced from the organic farms
2) Fresh, organic ingredients are then sorted and carefully washed at our factory (even the wonky ones!)
3) Minimum of 1/2 kg of vegetable and/or fruit are squeezed into each of our 300ml bottle
4) Bottles are sealed and then subjected to high pressure processing (HPP) to remain fresh for up to 30 days
5) Deliver our raw goodness to our network of organic stores, hotels and restaurants
6) Wait patiently for our loyal clients (you!)

Why cold pressed?

Did you know that the fast spinning metal blades of the centrifugal juicer generates heat, which destroys enzymes found in the fresh fruit and vegetable being juiced ? That is why MOCO juice is made with a hydraulic press that uses thousands of pounds of slow and gentle pressure to extract the maximum amount of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and phytonutrients your body is just screaming for. No additional heat or oxygen is used, therefore not a nutrient is damaged or lost in the process, preserving the juice totally raw, fresh and bioactive.

What is HPP?

It is common knowledge traditional raw juices spoil within 2-3 days. Today, the innovative HPP technology allows for the shelf-life to be extended for to up to 30 days without exposing the juices to heat, i.e. cooking them. Heat pasteurisation is an outdated method that only leaves behind sugary, empty calories with little to no nutritional value. However, HPP never increases the juice’s temperature to above 10C, preserving it raw. The sealed bottles are submerged in cold water and subjected to extremely high pressure, 6000 bar (6 x more than the deepest ocean) and held there for 3 minutes. This literally crushes Listeria, E.Coli, Salmonella and other bad bacteria while protecting the precious nutrients inside the bottle. Now you know why MOCO chose HPP.

How do I store my Mocos?

They need to be refrigerated between 2-4 C

Certifiably Good

All our cold-pressed juices are certified by Agriculture Biologique and Eco-Cert (MC-BIO-154). Everyone has the right to know what they are putting in their bodies!

All Moco bottles are fully recyclable

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