Good nutrition is our mission !


The concept of Monaco Coconuts was born in Monte Carlo with a mission to distribute our organic MOCONUTS to luxury hotels, restaurants and beaches.

Through inspirations gained from travel, we have expanded our offering to a range of 100% organic cold-pressed juices filled with wholesome goodness of vitamins and minerals found in fresh vegetable and/or fruit. From our humble beginnings, we now distribute our nutritious juices to more than 50 organic stores, hotels and restaurants across Europe.
Here at MOCO, we are proud to say that our produce meets the highest organic farming standards. We strive to provide a practical and mindful option to promote a healthy lifestyle for everyone. Our team is dedicated to deliver only the best from Mother Nature that will nourish your body and delight your taste buds.

Did you know?

All our products are natural, plant based, dairy/gluten free with no added sugar or preservatives for your health state of mind.
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MOCO’s commitment to sustainability is just one of the factors that sets us apart from our competitors. As a company devoted to quality, this is a core value of our business.

A large proportion of organic ingredients are too small, large or wonky looking to be sold in supermarkets, which in result would be thrown away. However, we save the sad looking carrot and turn it into our enjoyable 24Karrot juice ! Food waste is a massive problem contributing to the precarious future of our planet earth. We make it a priority to take action and rescue as much of it as we can.
In addition, we love our local farmers and put a huge emphasis on nearby grown. We only use locally sourced produce to support the farmers plus it has less distance to travel. In return this reduces its carbon footprint, and by extension, ours. Our own wastage (juice pulp) is used efficiently by giving it away to local bakers to use as an ingredient in baked goods (did someone say yummy scrummy carrot cake?). The remaining pulp is taken away to farms to feed the cows
and sheep.
We have also pledged to only use organic produce. All our cold-pressed juices are certified by Agriculture Biologique and Eco-Cert (MC-BIO-154). Everyone has the right to know what they are putting in their bodies!
At the moment, our bottles are BPA free and fully recyclable. However, we are in the process of moving to even more sustainable bottles which will be made out of sugar cane.

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